Thursday, 27 February 2014

Draughtsman Si Tangan Seni

Latey, too much things in my head. I love drawings. I dont know which path I should take. Am I able to get a good job ? I got interview for draughtsman position (pelukis pelan) nd this 28 feb i will go to KL and attend one interview. Well, it’s not really bothering me right now. Its about final exam! Final project!  ! I hate this feeling so much. Maybe I should just get a job, savings and get married. Well, I hope my future husband is supportive one. If i want to further study ,I dont wanna do it alone, I need someone to stay by my side, a husband of course.

p/s : Ya Allah please help me pass this interview on this 28hb, please ease everything and make it a blessing for me ,my family and FUTURE.Ameen~

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